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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers

  What do other Realtors think of their branded Realtor App?

        "I love my app! It is an affordable way to offer something new and
        useful to my clients that no one else in my area can offer."

        Rebekah Hanna
        Broker Associate
        RE/MAX Real Estate Groups

        "We purchased the app for our office and the response has been
        tremendous. Agents have used the app on listing appointments and
        achieved the listings because we are the only office with the app."

        "Why not have the upper edge on your competitor? Be the first with
        a real app. We designed the app specific to our office and it aids
        in recruiting, retention, and listing appointments. Not to mention
        the leads we are already seeing generated since it is tied in to our
        LeadStreet platform."

        Bill Burns
        RE/MAX First

What types of phones do you build my Realtor app for?

        We build three different apps for you - one for the iPhone,
        one for the Android, and one for the BlackBerry.

Can I see an example app in the app stores?

        The three links below show an example branded Realtor app
        in all three app stores:
                      iPhone App Store
                      Android Market
                      BlackBerry App World

What does the setup price cover?

        This price includes building three branded smartphone apps
        just for you (one for the iPhone, one for the Android, and
        one for the BlackBerry). Your face or logo is the app icon
        and that feature requires unique apps to be built for each

What does the maintenance fee cover?

        The maintenance fee covers updates to your app. If an iOS
        update for the iPhone causes an issue with your app we will
        fix it and upload a new version to the app store at no extra
        charge to you. We can also update your app if you change
        phone numbers or move to a different office. This fee also
        covers hosting that provides your user statistics report.

What is the commitment term?

        There is no commitment required. If you cancel your annual
        maintenance plan you will get a prorated refund based on the
        time left in your year of maintenance, minus a $10 cancellation fee.

If I were to switch companies, what happens then? Does my app transfer with me?

        If you switch companies, we will update your app information and
        you can take your app with you! The changes are covered by your
        monthly maintenance fee.

Can you build one app for my business partner and I? Can two or three people be on the same app?

        Sure! If you and your business partner want to use the same app
        we can include a picture with both of you together. The call and
        text buttons at the top of the app will only have one number but
        you can choose your number.

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